9 Reasons to Choose Hearing & Balance Clinics

20 Years Of Caring For The Community

By partnering with Hearing & Balance Clinics, you’ll be accessing 20 years of experience and reputation, ensuring that you’ll be partnering with a team that has helped tens of thousands of others to achieve the outcomes that you’re looking for.

In the same way that you would rather have a highly experienced pilot flying your plane, you’ll have the confidence that no matter what challenges you face, our team will find the best solution to ensure your journey to better hearing is as smooth as possible.

Not Just Following Audiological Best Practices, But Defining Them

There are many clinics that can simply dispense a pair of hearing aids in today’s world, but there are very few that truly follow the latest audiological best practices focused on long-term hearing healthcare.

Our approach has always been to lead the industry and stay at the cutting-edge of developments, therefore our team regularly attend the latest conferences, partner with industry professionals and fly the flag for the importance of hearing healthcare.

Truly Independent And Family-Owned

As a proudly independent and family-owned business, we only WIN when our patients WIN and this business is truly our life. You’ll notice this as soon as you attend your first appointment, there is a lot of heart and soul in the way that we do things!

The Hearing Care Partners For Thousands Of Local Families

Improving hearing doesn’t only benefit the individual patient; it also has a positive impact on their loved ones and the people in their lives. Assisting local families and involving them in their loved one’s journey to better hearing is a truly gratifying experience. It not only strengthens the bond within families but also helps them reconnect on a deeper level.

Three Convenient Locations

You’ll be able to benefit from access to three locations based in Watkinsville, Loganville and Lavonia. With each office having convenient parking, being tastefully decorated and having the latest state-of-the-art equipment, we strive for maximizing your convenience.

Your Hearing Care Partners For The Long Haul

With a young and evolving team, we’ll be here long into the future to ensure that you’ll have a team of hearing care partners for life.

With some clinics coming and going, and many of the larger chains being somewhat unpredictable in these challenging times, our promise is to give you stability and ensure you see the same hearing care professionals at each appointment.

Partner With All Major Manufacturers

One of the benefits of partnering with an independent business is that we’re not tied to a specific manufacturer like some alternative options. This means that we’re able to source the right hearing technology based on your unique circumstances, needs and budget.

The Latest State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Through continually investing in the latest equipment, you can be confident that your level of testing is utilizing the latest science. This ensures that your tests are as accurate as possible and your treatment plans are focused on helping you to get to the desired outcome as quickly as possible

Trusted By Local Physicians

Many local physicians across Atlanta turn to us for advice on complex cases, or refer patients for hearing and balance concerns. It remains an honor to be the trusted partners to many of the most respected physicians and medical providers in our communities.

Meet Your Team

Dr. G'Anne Thomas, Owner and Doctor of Audiology at Hearing & Balance Clinics

Owner, Clinical Audiologist

Dr. Nathan K. Griffin, Doctor of Audiology at Hearing & Balance Clinics

Partner, Clinical Audiologist

Taylor Halberg, Clinical Resident at Hearing & Balance Clinics

Clinical Resident

Amber Miller, Director of Operations & Patient Care Coordinator at Hearing & Balance Clinics

Director of Operations & Patient Care

Patient Care Coordinator

Nicole Beecham, Patient Care Coordinator At Hearing & Balance Clinics

Patient Care Coordinator

Jessica Waite, Insurance Coordinator at Hearing & Balance Clinics

Insurance Coordinator

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