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Over 20 Years Of Helping Tens Of Thousands Of Local People To Achieve Better Hearing Through The Highest Levels Of Community- Focused Audiological Care

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Nathan Griffin and G'Anne Thomas, Audiologists at Hearing & Balance Clinics

A Personal Message From The Hearing & Balance Team

Many people understand the significant differences between a budget hotel and the luxurious Ritz Carlton. However, some mistakenly believe that all hearing care providers are the same. In truth, the differences are just as vast.

Hearing & Balance Clinics is recognized as Northeast Georgia’s most premium teams of independent hearing care experts having helped tens of thousands of local people to achieve better hearing through a methodical combination of industry best practices defined over two decades of care.

As a proudly independent business, our belief is that our success is always tied to the success of our patients. This philosophy has resulted in us being the trusted hearing care partners to thousands of local families, local physicians and medical professionals.

If you or a loved one are concerned about your hearing or balance and are looking for a trusted team of professionals that have successfully helped thousands of other people to achieve the outcome that you’re looking for, then it would be a pleasure to be your partners.

Our Services

Hearing Assessments

Comprehensive Audiological Hearing Assessments

In today’s world, there are numerous options available for getting your hearing tested, whether it’s through an online hearing test or at a local big box store.

However, just as you wouldn’t rely on the internet or a retail employee for a complex medical diagnosis, it’s crucial that your hearing is thoroughly assessed according to the highest audiological standards.

While most hearing evaluations focus on determining if you have a hearing loss and whether hearing aids would be beneficial for you, our diagnostic hearing assessment delves much deeper. We aim to evaluate your overall hearing health and understand the underlying reasons behind any hearing difficulties you may be experiencing, rather than simply confirming their presence.

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Hearing Technology

Prescription Hearing Technology To Suit Your Unique Circumstances

While some people assume that a hearing aid is the sole solution to hearing loss, experienced hearing aid wearers will emphasize that partnering with the right hearing experts is the most crucial aspect.

After conducting your hearing evaluation, if we determine that hearing aids would be beneficial for you, we will collaborate with you to identify the most suitable hearing technology based on your unique needs, circumstances, and budget.

Unlike many clinics that align themselves with a single manufacturer, we take pride in our independence. This allows us to assist you in finding technology that perfectly aligns with your requirements, as we are not restricted to a particular brand or manufacturer.

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Balance Testing

North East Georgia’s Most Advanced Balance Testing

Balance is something we often overlook until it becomes an issue. When dizziness or balance challenges arise, they not only shake our confidence but can also dramatically alter our daily lives.

Balance issues can stem from various causes, such as medication, ear infections, or seemingly random factors. In such cases, it is essential to seek professional help as your first step. A comprehensive assessment and a range of tests are necessary to understand and address your challenges.

Through utilizing the latest balance testing equipment, our Doctors of Audiology are able to understand what may be causing your balance challenges and help you to regain control.

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That’s why our hearing care experts are here to help.

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