Custom Earplugs and Earmolds for Greater Comfort

Have you ever tried putting a square peg in a round hole?

If you’ve ever tried using generic OTC earplugs, earbuds, or earmolds, you know the truth of that old adage.

Generic earmolds and earplugs don’t fit right because everyone’s ears are a little bit different. Because they’re different, the complaints against over-the-counter earplugs are many, such as:

  • They always feel like they’re about to fall out of my ears.
  • They get more uncomfortable the longer I wear them.
  • My ears ache and become irritated when I wear them.
  • They don’t feel like they’re giving me a solid acoustical or watertight seal.

How long would you wear earplugs or earmolds that cause these problems? Custom earmolds and earplugs are the best option for addressing these complaints.

Custom Earplugs and Earmolds
“Where can I get custom earmolds or earplugs near me?”
You’re in luck! Hearing & Balance Clinics has custom earmolds, earplugs, and earbuds that fit your ears while addressing your unique needs and circumstances.

Custom Earmolds

The most popular styles of earmolds are full-shell and half-shell. Full-shell earmolds provide better protection in environments with high-level noise exposure, while half-shell earmolds are for mid-level noise exposure.

Filtered attenuators allow for verbal communication while still protecting hearing. These types of earmolds come in both electronic and non-electronic models. Earmolds are also popular for fitting over certain earbud headphones, under pilot boom-mic headsets, and other specialty uses.

As the name implies, custom earmolds involve taking a mold of the unique contours of your ears and then using that mold to create the earmold.

Custom Earplugs

Earplugs are hearing protection used in the ear canal. Some are solid, occluding (blocking) the ear canal, while others allow for some filtered sounds to pass through.

They are more comfortable, create a tighter acoustical or waterproof seal, and provide a more secure fit. Custom earplugs come both with or without handles or detachable cords.

Specialized earplugs are available for musicians and medical professionals who still want the ability to hear most of their surroundings while protecting their hearing.

Earmolds and earplugs are not just for those who wish to protect themselves from high noise levels. They can also be used to block out noise so you can sleep or used to protect your ears during water-related activities.

Got Questions?

Answering Your Questions about Custom Earmolds

Why is a custom fit important for hearing protection?

When it comes to hearing protection, the most important things are a tight seal and wearing comfort. If they’re not comfortable, you won’t wear them, and if they don’t create a tight seal, you’re not getting the protection you need.

Can custom earmolds and earplugs be used in different environments, such as swimming or music performances?

Various types of custom earmolds and earplugs are designed for use with specific activities, either for protecting your ears from noise damage or from swimmer’s ear and surfer’s ear from activities in the water.

Can custom earmolds and earplugs be used with other personal protective equipment?

Yes. Regardless of the activity or the type of protection, custom earmolds and earplugs will fit under helmets and other protective gear.

How can I schedule a consultation for custom earmolds and earplugs at your Loganville-based audiology clinic?

To schedule a consultation for custom earmolds or earplugs, you can use the form on this page to request a callback, and someone will help you set up a consultation in either our Lavonia, Watkinsville, or Loganville clinic.

How are custom earmolds and earplugs made?

Traditional custom molded earplugs begin with an impression or mold taken from the outer ear canal. The process typically involves inserting a dam in the ear canal and then filling it with the impression material. Once the impression material sets, it is carefully removed, inspected, packaged, and shipped away for fabrication.

Recent technological innovations have made it possible to develop an impression of your ear by using laser scanners and rendering 3D software. The technique makes it possible to have multiple earmolds constructed from the initial impression, saving time and costs.

What are some of the benefits of using custom earmolds and earplugs?

Custom earmolds and earplugs are your best solution for protecting your ears from NIHL, but they can also be used for hearing aids, swimming plugs, musicians monitors, personal communication, and earbuds for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • A more secure fit
  • Better acoustic/watertight seal
  • Better frequency response to a full range of sounds
  • Prevent reverberation inside your ears with venting
  • Precision-engineered filters for measurable protection and more natural sound
  • Can use the same earplugs for different activities with replaceable filters
  • Greater comfort for all day wearing
  • Uses medical-grade silicone construction which helps eliminate skin irritation
  • Unique fit to each ear

Can custom earmolds and earplugs be used for swimming?

Yes. Custom earplugs create a more watertight seal, providing better protection against swimmer’s ear and surfer’s ear.

Can custom earmolds and earplugs be reused?

Yes. One of the great features of custom earmolds and earplugs is the fact that they can be used over and over again. In fact, some earplugs used for hearing protection have replaceable filters so that you can use the same pair of earplugs for a variety of activities.

Are custom earmolds and earplugs suitable for children?

Yes. Full shell earmolds are the most common style used for kids, and they provide the clearest, most consistent sound quality and protection.

Learn More about Our Custom Earmolds and Earplugs

Your unique lifestyle, whether it exposes you to loud noise, your ears are regularly immersed in water (swimming/diving), or you want to block out noise, custom earmolds and earplugs allow you to continue to enjoy the activities you love.

Hearing & Balance Clinics has a variety of custom earmold and earplug styles to choose from. To learn more, just submit the adjacent form, and a member of our team will contact you to answer your questions or help you schedule a consultation.

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